amec alimentec companies will maintain their 2019 turnover thanks to international sales
December 24, 2020


  • The president of amec alimentec and CEO of Mainca, Jordi Vila, explained that “the client values ​​the proximity of the supplier, which is why companies with establishments abroad or with consolidated distributors have suffered less impact on sales ”.
  • The new amec offers services and activities aimed at promoting the new key competitiveness factors of companies and promotes collaboration between them to achieve goals that are difficult to achieve alone, as explained by the director of amec alimentec, Carmina Castellà

Barcelona, ​​October 16, 2020. amec alimentec held a meeting with the media related to the food and ingredients technology sector in which it shared the situation of the sector.


Given the news about the evolution of the pandemic and its effects on the economy, the president of amec alimentec and CEO of Mainca explained that “we are a privileged sector as we belong to the value chain that supplies the essential sector that is food, and in general, companies will be able to keep their turnover figures similar to those of last year, thanks to sales, especially international ones, although some companies that target the Hotel and Restaurant sector are experiencing a more complex situation ”.


Given the current situation and mobility problems, "the client values ​​the proximity of the supplier, so that companies with establishments abroad or with consolidated distributors have suffered a lesser impact on sales", he explained. explained Vila. One consequence of the new scenario is that, by not being able to travel as much as they would like, companies are betting on online tools for the marketing of equipment.


amec alimentec has detected a special increase in sales in the meat sector. In general, there is significant growth in sales in western markets with a traditional artisan tradition.


The president of amec alimentec has extensively detailed how companies are operating in the markets and how they have had to solve the difficulties they have encountered in recent months.


The evolution of the main markets:


France is the main market for Spanish products in the sector, although it has maintained an irregular trend since 2016. The United Kingdom remains the second destination for Spanish exports, with a trend like Italy, the fourth most important destination. “The exponential increase in exports to Portugal and Mexico up to 2018 stands out, although in both cases exports have remained stable in 2019, while the Czech Republic and Russia have bought the same level of Spanish machinery until July as in all of 2019”, Explained the director of amec alimentec, Carmina Castellà. The director has specified the volume of Spanish exports of bakery machinery, meat machinery, and ingredients (see presentation).

The director of amec alimentec has indicated how the pandemic has accelerated the mega-trends that for years have been affecting the productive model of the sector, such as digitization, key to monitoring production through re-compiled data and thus optimizing processes productive; the automation of processes and industry 4.0; concern for food safety, in which product traceability prevails; the versatility of the equipment, the hygienic design of the machines and the adaptation of the manufacturers to the growing environmental demands.


amec is carrying out numerous activities to alleviate the current international mobility difficulties, such as B2B virtual missions, participation in virtual fairs, and bringing its members closer to the sale in various ways. Likewise, it has promoted collaboration and networking activities that value how the industry faces the current context together and how they can carry out projects together. It also offers training focused on the needs of companies (Adaptive Industry High Performance Program; Industrial Marketing; Digital Marketing; Sales for technicians, etc.). The main events in the sector in 2021, will be the Anuga Foodtech (Cologne) POSTPONED, Alimentaria Foodtech (Barcelona), IBA (Munich), Propak Asia (Bangkok), Gulfood Manufacturing fairs (Dubai), Dkazagro (Algeria) and CFIA (Rennes).


All of this is an example of how amec, through its new mission, has stopped focusing solely on internationalization to promote new key competitive factors in companies: anticipation, adaptability, collaboration, glocalization and sustainability.



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