Main innovation
HCS Hygiene Control Systems aims to help our customers to control the processes of the hygiene equipment in the food industry.

Production control, standardization of processes and recipes in the food industry. Both in meat cutting, sausage making, and any food product.
Demand covered or opportunity created
HCS is our answer to a single question all our customer face. HOW CAN WE REALLY ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH HYGIENE PROTOCOLS?

The answer is having control over the worker the and on the equipment we use.

We must be absolutely sure that all people have complied with the hygiene protocol and on also guarantee that the hygiene equipment was working perfectly during this process of cleaning.

Innovation process
Our main goal was how to monitor people in an easy way while complying with all the hygiene and security standards required in the food industry.

We came up with the idea of integrating an RFID tag on the sole of the boots.

On this idea, we started an implementing process to be able to integrate effectively this tag in the footwear.
We invested more that 200K € in materials and prototypes, but the biggest part of the investment was in electrical and software engineering.
This solution has offered our customers a level of control and audit that they had not anticipated before.
Recognitions or awards
The HCS has received an Innovation award from the Ministry of industry.
At this moment we are working in implementing new and innovative control technologies in our food preparation lines and in our Hygiene line we are partnering with Dyson to offer new solutions for Sanitisation.



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