Pioneers in adapting HPP technology to use any kind of packaging


Main innovation
Bulk technology for juices
Demand covered or opportunity created
Traditionally, HPP implies packaging the product before processing and using flexible packaging. In the liquid sector this is an issue.
HIPERBARIC decided to develop a process to treat the product before bottling, before packaging. This way, liquids can be bottled in any king of packaging: cartoon, glass or plastic.
Innovation process
HIPERBARIC engineers started to think about the new design in 2014 and then they were granted by the European Commission for the project. The project had several phases: deciding the design, implementing the design, and collaborating with some international consultors specialized in hygienic design.
HIPERBARIC took more than 3 years to develop the technology.
The company invested more than 3 million euros.
More than 10 engineers were involved in the project, but the whole company participated to achieve this goal.
HIPERBARIC currently has a technology that can process juices in bulk, before bottling, that ensures the safety of the product.

The market response has been successful, and they have already sold the first HPP In-Bulk machine.
Recognitions or awards
Main award: Edison Award (2019). This award, given in the United States, recognizes a technology that enhances the life of consumers.
The company is going to use their technology of high pressure in other sectors like the HIP, the High Isostatic Pressure. They are also exploring the possibility to develop high pressure compressors for gas, and more specifically for hydrogen.



HIPERBARIC is the world's leading company specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial equipment using High Pressure Technologies.

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